Create Your Kit Pouch Teal Typewriter

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A spacious and roomy bag to turn into the kit of your dreams and needs! This bag will allow you to create and easy grab and go bag with everything you need.

Whether you need a toiletry bag, a sewing kit, storage for art supplies, or your lunch, this bag can hold it all. A generous 10 inches long and 5 inches across the bottom and high means it can swallow up everything you need to personalize your kit. The extended zipper allows for the bag to sit flat and open wide to see everything easily. A beautiful leather fabric handle attached with rivets allows for easy grabbing and carrying.

This listing is for the bag in the first two photos only. Please browse through to see different examples of contents for scale. All other bags and their contents are for reference only, you will receive a single empty bag upon purchase.

This bag is also hand washable, and lined with a lovely unbleached cotton canvas to provide contrast and more easily see the contents. Gorgeous canvas graces the outside, fleece inside adds structure and protection, and the durable metal zipper has a cork tab accent as well.